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Reduce your stress, take control of your business & get financial stability.

I help established entrepreneurs grow financially stable businesses through business coaching and financial training so that they can take back control and live a financially free life.

Do any of these look or sound familiar?

I am making a profit but not drawing a salary

I want to grow my business but not sure how

I sometimes worry about paying salaries at the end of the month

I feel stressed and out of control in my business


Choose what suits you best

One-on-One Coaching

From R1500 / session

  • Benefits
  • Get clarity and focus in your business
  • Be more relaxed with less stress
  • Grow your business and experience increased cashflow and profits
  • Feel more in control
  • Additional discounts on other trainings
  • Features
  • One on one Business Coaching to build a financially sustainable business
  • Minimum commitment of 6 1-hour sessions
  • Move your business forward by committing to goals at each session with accountability for the previous sessions goals

7-Week Finance Bootcamp

R5999 Once-off

  • Benefits
  • Stop feeling lost and get Comfortable with numbers
  • Learn to make business decisions using financial information
  • Features
  • Accounting concepts explained using simple language and examples, designed for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • 7 weeks financial content and coaching worth R7 350
  • Learn basic concepts of finance:
  • *Financial Statements: Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cashflow
  • *Basics of Financial Planning
  • *Tax Concepts for Business Owners
  • *Introduction to internal controls
  • 1 free one on one coaching session worth R1 500
  • Free month of group coaching worth R550

Group Coaching

R550 / month

  • Benefits
  • Continuosly cultivating financial education to master financial concepts
  • Stop feeling lost and get Comfortable with numbers
  • Learn to make business decisions using financial information
  • Features
  • Twice a month group coaching covering:
  • Financial concepts
  • Coaching
  • Learn new concepts and embed existing concepts
  • Coaching requires participants to be accountable to each other
  • First month is free
  • Set goals at the end of the business coaching sessions and be held accountable by your peers

About Me


I’m Praneeta Ranchhod, Founder of Innova Business Coaching and Consulting.

I am a Business Coach, Chartered Accountant, Design Thinking enthusiast and eternal optimist.

After over 12 successful years of working in the finance industry for multiple international and local companies, I took the leap and started my own business.

I founded Innova Business Coaching and Consulting to help Business Owners improve Profitability and Cashflow through Business Coaching and to help them understand their numbers through 7-week finance bootcamp course.

My process focuses on reducing stress, helping you make a profit and giving you the ability to draw a salary for yourself and your team. I can help you achieve this while maintaining focus and control of your business' direction. I understand that running a business is overwhelming at times and as your coach, I am here to support you all the way.


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Customer Reviews

Something wonderful happened in the coaching with Praneeta. I was unsure about the topic of the coaching, and through open and honest conversation and Praneeta’s thought-provoking questions what emerged was something that was very welcomed – a more focused reason for coaching and some concrete next steps.

Regina Martins

Trainer, Facilitator

Praneeta was a breath of fresh air and exactly the motivation I needed to keep going and focused on my goals. I was lacking clarity with many thoughts and concerns running through my mind but Praneeta helped me to find order and an actionable plan to achieving my personal and business objectives.

Rachel Smith

Change Management Specialist

I highly recommend Praneeta Ranchhod as a Business Coach & her Innova Consulting services. Her training & coaching has helped me build my business up & left me feeling confident in my financial skills. She has a wealth of knowledge from her corporate & social entrepreneurship experience which was valuable in designing & scaling my social enterprise. Praneeta not only gave me great resources but also very practical tools & practices to use in my daily planning but also in my business's long term strategy. She was very supportive even in the difficult seasons and her strong leadership helped me overcome my own fears of doing great business.

Maurisa Moloto

Lefika Foundation

The course ((7-week Finance Bootcamp) was exactly what I needed. It was challenging for me but Praneeta helped me along the way. Some times the information was way above my head as I don't have an accounting background. Very thorough course material with exercises to complete. I would definitely recommend this course.


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