About Innova

Welcome to Innova Business Coaching and Consulting, consulting services that will take your business to new heights. Here we are passionate about Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs as we believe they are the bedrock of the South African Economy.

At Innova Business Coaching and Consulting we offer the following services:

  • A Financial Strategist can partner with you to execute your Financial Strategy, insight and execution towards the future.
  • We will provide you with Business Coaching if you wish to Improve your profitability and cashflow through Weekly/Monthly coaching sessions.
  • Or if you just need some assistance with any Financial reports e.g. 5 year financial forecast for business plans or small business budgeting.

About Me

I’m Praneeta Ranchhod, Founder of Innova Business Coaching and Consulting.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, Business Coach, Design Thinking enthusiast and eternal optimist.

After 11 successful years of working in the finance industry for multiple international and local companies (in various roles including auditing, reporting, operational finance and in a Business Finance Partner capacity), I was ready to take the leap and pursue my dream of owning my own business. 

I founded Innova Business Coaching and Consulting to assist Entrepreneurs build strong and sustainable SMMES and Social Enterprises through business coaching or as a finance partner.

I am honest, professional, and ethical. I have built my professional career through hard work, discipline, and working my own mindset.

I understand that running a business is overwhelming at times and as your coach or finance partner, I am here to support you all the way