Business Coaching

Coaching to achieve your Finance Goals by improving revenue, Costs and Cashflow

Business Coaching is intense guided coaching that analyses your business from every angle in order to identify those levers that can be used to change your financial results.

Your company’s financials reflects the health of the company. If you wish to grow and sustain your business, it is important to maintain healthy financials. 

As an entrepreneur, I know you always have your eye on them. 

But in the whirlwind of the day to day, things can get away from you and this can result in your Revenue lagging, your costs spiral out of control or your cashflow suffering.

And that’s where Business Coaching will help.

Business Coaching is intense guided coaching during which your business is analysed from every angle in order to identify those levers that can be used to change your financial results.

The Process

The process begins by the Coachee submitting their monthly management accounts (MMA)/financials for analysis (if you don’t have MMA, the first few sessions will be dedicated to getting these up to date.

An intensive analysis of your (the Coachee) financials, to identify the starting point for their business (Where are you), and set these against the goals you wish to achieve (Where do you want to go) (e.g. improved cashflow or profitability).

Based on the goals the Coachee wishes to achieve, and with the assistance of the Coach, the Coachee would then put together a customised action plan which would map out the steps that the coachee would need to take in order to achieve their goals. 

The Coaching Canvas that you set out for yourself is fully customised for your company and circumstances.


So, we’ve covered the mechanics of what the coaching process is, let’s talk about its many benefits:

Save Time

Firstly, you will save time. Time is a commodity that very few people have a grasp on (where does the time go??) and coaching will help you save it by  helping reach your goals quicker and be spared from additional frustrations that you may endure as result of going it alone.


You will be kept accountable.

You know how it goes. 

The life of an Entrepreneur is that you’re mostly accountable to yourself which is a massive advantage, and …a disadvantage as you sometimes don’t always follow up on those things you said you would which allows things to fall through the cracks.

Thinking Partner

You will have someone who is experienced to act as a thinking partner

Sometimes, being an Entrepreneur is a lonely affair and all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders. 

With a coach, your burden will halve as you will have someone to bounce your ideas off of.

So is Coaching for you?

Are you looking to improve your financial position in the quickest way possible…

Then Coaching is for you!

Contact us today for more information to get started in achieving your financial goals.

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