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Tanya Nel - Part Pavilion

Praneeta gave me constructive criticism and valuable input too when necessary which allowed me to consistently grow as we set realistic weekly goals which were reasonably achievable and that was a significant victory for me ..
I was being held accountable by my coach on a weekly basis but at the same time, I was forced to discipline myself very quickly in order to be able to function independently and be accountable to myself..
My coach is an excellent planner and she gave me access to practical useful tools to ensure that I noted down every business idea that crossed my mind.
I started thinking like an entrepreneur, spoke the entrepreneurial lingo which did wanders for my self confidence and I put myself out there as an entrepreneur in the making by networking wherever I go.
Lea-Anne Banda
Something wonderful happened in the coaching with Praneeta. I was unsure about the topic of the coaching, and through open and honest conversation and Praneeta's thought-provoking questions what emerged was something that was very welcomed – a more focused reason for coaching and some concrete next steps.
Regina Martins
Trainer, Facilitator
Praneeta was a breath of fresh air and exactly the motivation I needed to keep going and focused on my goals. I was lacking clarity with many thoughts and concerns running through my mind but Praneeta helped me to find order and an actionable plan to achieving my personal and business objectives. .. I will be recommending Praneeta to colleagues and friends needing business coaching without hesitation.
Rachel Smith
Change Management Specialist
The coaching made me realise that I had to work on my time management. Take bite size pieces to get through everything that needs to be done.
Sales and Marketing Manager